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Parent Meeting 4/14/12

Parents in attendance:  Mr. & Mrs. McElroy, Mr. & Mrs. Clayman, Mr. & Mrs. Banda, Mr. & Mrs. Mevarez, Rosa Ruiz, Mr. & Mrs. Vasquez

Meeting Notes:  Ana Lisa opened the meeting.  We no longer have a president.  She (Ana Lisa) came because she only had one senior today.  When not here (UB Staff) we can start the meeting.  Most schools gave permission to sell chocolate candy and some schools didn’t. 

We need to sell more cards at $10.00 not $20.00.  Need $100 more in card sale.  Candy money is going for Student Leadership. 

Need to pick new officers for next year. 

Try to get in touch with other parents to get new officers for May.  We will vote next month for officers.

Send a letter or go to website and explain about the Parent Council: Parent Council can help their children to go to college.  We need to sell some of the cards for scholarship money. 

Need to have a fundraiser by next month:  car wash, bake sale (before end of May)

If the students see that parents are excited about college maybe they will get excited about going to college.  


Meeting adjourned 3:00pm